Column: "Welcome to OUR World!"

Syndicated by the National Newspaper Publishers Association

When Mitt Romney was busted boasting to wealthy supporters that he has no use for the 47 percent of the American voters who don’t pay federal income tax, the former Massachusetts governor further hobbled his already limping presidential campaign. But he may also have unwittingly broken the bond between the GOP and the White Republicans who make up a large part of that 47 percent, paving the way for an interesting potential political realignment.

White Republicans who are retired, serving in the military, are disabled or work hard but don’t make enough money to pay federal income tax must have been pretty surprised to hear just what their party’s standard bearer thinks of them. After all, they pay plenty of regressive payroll, sales and other taxes.

To those folks who have been so callously cast aside, I say: Welcome to our world. We know how you feel.